With the support of Le Cube (France), Productions Rhizomes (Québec), Maison de la Littérature (Québec)
Eleonora Weber & Fabien Maheu

Pardonable confusion circles is the metaphorical story of a search for a common union, using physical intercourse to reach a state of plenitude and accomplishment. The wanted orgasm is however disturbed by inappropriate communication devices and the formal use of metaphors sometime becomes a literal obstruction to pleasure.

The two main characters are obviously involved in an introductory process leading to physical love. Each of them tries to fulfill the necessities of their roles, and try to adapt to the signs given by the other one.

The making of this film followed the path of surrealistic experiences such as “Un Chien andalou” by Bunuel and Dali with nevertheless some differences. The relation between the two film maker E. Weber and F. Maheu was to accept any material coming from the other one, without discussing it’s meaning, yet observing the only obligation to fit into the production and technical restrains.