Painting Serie

Oil on Canvas

The act of painting is a deeply intimate and at the same time ambivalent act. It offers a sense of security and yet can be upsetting and uncomfortable, is both liberating and frightening. The studio as a closed retreat creates a protected space of peace where explanations are not needed. In it, the world is reassembled, and the relationship to time fades. The isolation from the outside world and the exploration of one’s own mental state creates a sometimes overwhelming confrontation with one’s innermost thoughts and emotions.

Within this retreat, I paint other retreats. Places from which I am attracted – whether by the colors, the silence or by the question of what led me there. Fascinated by these impressions and forms and attracted by the interplay of light and shadow, the enigmatic beauty of a situation makes me become part of these spaces. I link them in my imagination to a new state.

Russian Table Tennis, Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm
Train to Belavino, Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm
Fisherman, Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm
Projection, Oil on Canvas, 20x30cm
Schweden, Oil on Canvas, 30x30cm
Veranda, Oil on Canvas, 140x150cm
Oil on Canvas, 80x105cm