Holy Mom Little Death

“Everything sucks right now, and yes: I still love my child!”
Saying this contradictory sentence seems impossible for mothers. They are confronted with society’s demand that they have to live up to a predefined ideal image. Opposing feelings such as excessive demands, despair, and loss are tabooed.

In the installation “Holy Mom Little Death” I start from my personal experience as a mother. It becomes a manifesto for the right to speak out taboos and weaknesses and to reveal the dark sides of being a mother.

In addition, my personal situation raises the question: Does being a mother necessarily stand in the way of an artistic career – child versus art?
Ambivalence and conflict are part of the process of being a mother.
By transporting this fact into public space with my work, I would like to encourage a questioning of the mother myth.


The Installation was shown in July 2021 @

Luckenwalder Str. 3
10963 Berlin



Exhibition View Kühlhaus Berlin coming soon